Outdoor Wedding Checklist – Hawai’i Style!

Destination wedding & COVID restrictions got you stressed? No need!

Our team has spent the last 10 years cultivating a deep relationship with all the do’s and don’ts for a majestic outdoor wedding here in Hawai’i! Whether that includes every size safety pin or dozens of whimsical tent vendors for an experience of a lifetime! With that being said, we have compiled some of our top tips to share with couples who are preparing to make their way to Hawai’i Nei for their BIG DAY!

  1. Consider your footwear.  
    • Remember that you will be walking on grass, gravel, and possibly dirt pathways.  Spiked heels are out; Wedges are in! 
    • If you MUST wear that awesome pair of heels, try something as simple as SOLE MATES (a square that fits on the bottom of your spike heel). 
  2. Outdoor wedding packing MUSTS:
    • Sunscreen
    • Bug Spray
    • Hand Fans
    • Sun glasses 
  3. Consider the elements!  
    • Rather than seeing wind & rain as a bad omen, here in Hawai’i wind can be perceived as divine confirmation & rain gifted as a blessing or cleanse. However, we always request one beautiful order of mana-filled Sunshine!
    • When preparing for wind – be sure to weigh things down or plan to tie them down.  All paper elements must be weighted or tucked in – we offer tons of creative ideas for things like place card placement. For example we always advise to consider a heavier option such as graphite place cards or tucking your menus in the napkin on the plate.   Even large and heavy signs will blow over. We bring zip ties for that.  
    • Dancing in rain  – Consider a “Plan B” for rain when planning without a tent.  Know that tropical rain comes and goes in a flash!  Once the full reception setup is complete, there is little chance of changing it at the last minute, especially once the rain has already fallen. 

Mahalo for taking a trip down preparation lane!

We offer FREE consultation call for any & all couples who resonate with our MANA (energy) and would love to support you on the journey of bringing your dream wedding to life!

Photography Credit: Jenna Lee Pictures

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