Venue Spotlight – Waimea Valley!

Tucked away in the heart of O’ahu’s Northshore sits a majestic ahupua‘a (division of land, stretching mountain to sea). In early Hawai’i land was divided this way to ensure proper resource management for all Kanaka (humans) to survive & thrive. Waimea Valley was and still is seen as an abundant ahupua‘a! This ‘āina (land) flows with life giving energy that supports a potent heartbeat of O’ahu’s mana (energy).

This sacred land has been preserved and maintained to honor the essence that still exists their today. Founder of Tropical Moon, Dania shares, “This feels like it could represent Kahiko (ancient) Hawai’i. An untouched version.” Couples we have ushered into this space on their big day have always been drawn to the mauna (mountain) and kai (ocean) elements. Some say it feels like a blessing to receive both components on such a special day and we couldn’t agree more!

In addition to the jaw dropping landscape, Waimea Valley offers tours options to the sacred waterfall and other sites within the ‘aina. A local favorite Ke Nui Kitchen is included within the wedding package and never disappointing with their powerful farm-to-table catering. A tip or two that we always like to extend to future couples who resonate with Waimea’s mana, is to prepare to honor & co-exists with ALL the elements. Waimea’s lush natural green landscape calls for misty rain, an array of botanical accents, & the occasional mosquito bite.

A note from the stewards of Waimea Valley,

“Today, the mission of the Valley is to “Preserve and perpetuate the human, cultural and natural resources of Waimea for generations through education and stewardship”.

As you visit the Valley, in respect to the beliefs of the ancient Hawaiians and those descendants who today carry out the duty to restore and protect the significant and religious sites here, please be mindful and do not touch, disturb, or remove any rocks or other objects out of respect for this truly special place. “

We hope you feel the pure ALOHA from this ʻāina the way all Kamaʻāina (residents) do!

Photography Credit: Chelsea Stratso

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