Wedding Adventure

If you haven’t heard already we have planned, coordinated, & executed quite a few weddings in our day!

*insert nervous laugh here*

With that being said, we want to dedicate a series of blog posts sharing a few of our favorite “Wedding Adventures!”

Supporting our TME ‘Ohana Couples throughout their journey towards their BIG DAY is what fuels our mana (energy) each and every day! Our team truly has a passion for seamless organization & energetic ease for our clients within the powerful landscape of ‘Oahu.

We are on-point, well organized, and ready with all details, working seamlessly with vendors from start to finish to carry out our client’s vision!

Dania Mossman, Founder of Tropical Moon Events

Kicking off our first wedding adventure, we’re taking you to the great outdoors! If you’re looking for experts to navigate sudden showers, gusts of wind, or mending a muddy aisle, we’ve got your back!

We’ve come across it all!

On this post, we’re highlighting a wedding adventure reflection revolving around all things regarding weather prep! We pride ourselves on having the foresight and navigation of the weather surprises that we have spent 10 years documenting!

Here in Hawai’i nei, locals and native Hawaiians have spent generations sharing the importance of establishing a co-creative relationship with the land and all of the elements sharing themselves to us. Choosing to see this relationship as our kuleana (responsibility & privilege).

Let’s take ua (rain) for example, here in Hawai’i ua is seen as a blessing & offering of cleansing energy to the space & those attending the space. However, our team knows when delicate white linens are involved, actions must be taken! You wont ever find us short on extra towels on deck! A simple (but easily forgotten) wipe down of chairs before your ceremony is a detail we’ve learned to never miss. Or offering chic designed umbrellas is another helpful lesson we’ve incorporated from our “Wedding Adventures.” On another ua (rain) related reflection, our team is not afraid to bring out rugs to not only accessorize the space but also help a muddy aisle.

Makani (wind) is a whole other realm that our team works WITH not against. Prepping an outside tent with sidewalls is helpful anticipating blessings from makani or ua on your big day!

All in all, all weather related “Wedding Adventures” have served as such a great lesson to add to our wisdom of supporting our ‘Ohana Couples on their big day! Never falling short on the integrity that we ensure to deliver on, relaxing, enjoying, and flowing with all the the sacred land of Hawai’i has to offer us!

“The best weddings I’ve experienced have been with those who were dancing in the rain! “

– Dania Mossman

Photography Credit: Jenna Lee Pictures

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